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How To Debug Jc Series Jaw Crusher Before Operation

Last Update:2020-05-04 18:28:40

Once the jaw crusher is purchased by the user, it needs to be transported from the manufacturer to the construction site, and then it can be formally produced after installation. There are many things to be done in this time, such as the installation and commissioning of JC series European jaw crusher equipment. No matter how good the equipment is, after a period of time of placement or long-distance rush, there may be some problems. In order to avoid low efficiency and other failures in production, it is necessary to do a good job in debugging JC series European jaw crusher before operation.

The first thing we need to do is to check the motor. In the production of jaw crusher, the operation mode driven by double motors is used. Therefore, during the commissioning, the main shaft and motor of the equipment need to be checked comprehensively, and the same amount of tape should be added to keep the same tension of the tape. After these things are finished, the test run is started. Generally, there are two ways: empty load and load. Only after these tests are completed can the JC series European jaw crusher be formally produced.

The second thing that needs to be done for jaw crusher commissioning is to check the equipment configuration. The configuration of European jaw crusher is very important for its normal operation. If the configuration is reasonable, it can make the equipment play its advantages in the production process and improve the output of the production line. In this way, it is necessary for all user operators to do a good job in screening the equipment and select a high-quality and appropriate JC European ultra-fine jaw crusher, so as to ensure the efficient production of the equipment and a very large production efficiency.

For the adjustment of jaw crusher, attention should be paid to the use of lubricating oil. How to do a good job in the daily maintenance of JC European ultra-fine jaw crusher has a great impact on its normal production, so all operators should do a good job in the basic maintenance measures of the equipment. At ordinary times, the European jaw crusher should be regularly and comprehensively inspected. Once any fault or wear is found, it should be maintained and repaired in time to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment.

JC European ultra-fine jaw crusher, as a kind of crushing equipment widely used at present, needs to be debugged before production. The above briefly introduces the debugging work and details. I hope that all operators can pay attention to the debugging of JC series European jaw crusher, so as to ensure the efficient and orderly operation of production.


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