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How To Deal With The Dust Problem In The Operation Of Bentonite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-11 13:37:08

Bentonite pulverizer is a common pulverizing equipment in the pulverizing production line. As a pulverizing equipment, a large amount of dust will be produced in the production process, which can not be avoided. It is necessary to carry out regular and irregular maintenance correctly and reasonably. In the process of pulverizing, the staff of bentonite pulverizer production line are required to wear masks and dust-proof tools, and the pulverizing equipment is in the production operation Special attention should be paid to the amount of dust, so the impact on the working environment and operators' health is relatively large. In the production site of bentonite mill, if the amount of dust is too large, it will have an impact on the surrounding environment. For environmental protection, we must reduce the occurrence of environmental pollution, so the first thing we have to do is to use the bentonite mill correctly. The wrong operation method can not only control the amount of dust, but also cause the phenomenon of powder spraying out of the feed port. Although the equipment has made an important contribution to China's economy, what can not be ignored is the trouble they bring, so how to deal with the dust produced by the bentonite mill? Here we summarize some dust treatment methods of the bentonite mill. (1) For the selection of dust remover of bentonite mill, the general equipment is equipped with ordinary bag type dust remover, which is a simple dust remover. When the bentonite mill is started, a large amount of dust will be generated in more than ten seconds. According to this feature, our company now provides pulse type dust remover for users, which can clean and discharge the excess dust of the bentonite mill. Of course It can meet the requirements of environmental protection to choose pulse type dust remover, but such a dust remover is dozens of times of ordinary dust remover. (2) Generally, the dust at the feed inlet of the bentonite mill is caused by the failure to adjust the air pressure of the bentonite mill. It is necessary to adjust the positive and negative pressure of the air inlet and exhaust of the fan. (3) Generally speaking, the dust treatment in the production of bentonite mill is also equipped with pulse dust remover to solve this problem, so as to collect the dust points one by one to meet the environmental protection requirements. Nowadays, green environmental protection production has become the goal of the development of mining machinery. For all enterprises in our country, no matter when, only the production of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment can be based on the market. As far as we are concerned, only by keeping in mind the original intention, on the basis of summing up the traditional bentonite pulverizer and strictly following the regulations of the environmental protection tax law that has been implemented, can we certainly open up a new era of green mine construction and realize the requirements of national energy conservation and environmental protection.


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