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How To Control The Noise Of Coke Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-10 07:07:47

Now no matter in the production process or in life, we will pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection. Energy saving is to save the cost of the user enterprise. Environmental protection is not only for the interests of the enterprise itself, but also to avoid causing trouble to the surrounding masses. The crusher produced by Ningxia Yinchuan crusher factory is more commonly used in the production process of mechanical equipment, widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry and many other industries have irreplaceable relations. The purpose and function of the crusher is very good, but if the operation regulations of the crusher are not standardized or the equipment is not maintained properly, the failure will cause great noise to the mechanical equipment, so that the surrounding residents will definitely have a rest and life affected by the noise. Next, Yinchuan crusher factory will teach you how to control the noise of the crusher?

The noise reduction of Yinchuan crusher can be improved by the improvement of the equipment itself and the improvement of the technical parameters of the equipment. For example, some devices that can reduce noise can be added in the design of crusher equipment. In addition, attention should be paid to improving the processing technology and assembly accuracy of the equipment, so as to effectively reduce the friction and collision of parts between the equipment, and effectively reduce the noise caused by the problems of the equipment itself. In addition, the noise can be reduced by reducing the high pressure and high air flow of Yinchuan crusher. These methods are from the parts of the equipment itself to achieve the purpose of reducing noise.

In fact, the reason for the noise is not only the noise of the equipment itself, but also the environment in which the equipment operates. Yinchuan coke crusher in the production of noise is very common, the overall layout of the equipment and machinery in a reasonable transformation design. At the same time, the production environment of crusher equipment can be installed in a large workshop area or far away from the outskirts of residential areas for production operations. Or use some noise treatment devices or sound insulation measures in the workshop, which can effectively reduce the disturbance to the surrounding people, and there will be no noise pollution. However, it is only for people other than working patients, and it still has noise problems for operators in the operating environment.


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