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How To Configure The Production Line Equipment Of Stone Factory

Last Update:2020-05-12 15:47:05

The crusher is often said to be the necessary machinery for building a stone factory. Generally, there are three types of crushers: coarse crusher, medium crusher and fine crusher. Users can choose according to the size, hardness and finished product specification of the raw stone. This paper focuses on the configuration scheme and price of the production line of the crusher used in the stone factory, hoping to help you.

1. Raw material hardness: different raw materials are matched with different crushers, such as pebbles, granite, quartzite and other rocks with high hardness. The crushing crusher is more wear-resistant, such as cone crusher, jaw crusher and other equipment. Similarly, if your raw material hardness is low, such as limestone, gypsum, coal gangue, dolomite, etc., you can choose vertical shaft crusher Impact crusher, hammer crusher and other equipment can effectively save costs; if inappropriate equipment is selected, such as using impact crusher to deal with high hardness materials, although the finished product grain size is improved, the parts of the equipment will be seriously worn, increasing the maintenance cost.

2. Production capacity: the configuration of the whole crusher production line must be determined according to the actual output of the customer. For example, there is a big difference between the plan of 50t / h and 500t / h. In addition, the production range of each type of equipment is not small, such as jawbone is between 1-2000t / H. how to choose depends on your actual output.

There is no doubt that such a production line will not be much cheaper. It's probably between one and two million to several million. The larger the output and the more refined the configuration are, the higher the price will be. However, there are always some factories in the market that use low prices to attract users and disturb users' sight. The price of a production line is less than 100000. Even if it's a small output, it's unreasonable. Therefore, users go to the factory on the spot It is very necessary to investigate and test the machine, so as to avoid the expense of unjust money!


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