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How To Configure High Efficiency And Low Consumption Environmental Protection Crushing Production Line For Shenzhen Quarry

Last Update:2020-05-11 21:34:58

Walking into this well operated quarry and looking at various well-organized production equipment, we first thought about the configuration of the quarry stone production line to achieve high efficiency, low consumption, environmental protection, and widespread concern in the industry? The person in charge of the quarry informed us that the selection of suitable crushing equipment for the quarry in Shenzhen is the key to the configuration of the production line. Generally, a complete stone production line is composed of feeding equipment, crushing equipment, conveying equipment and screening equipment. How can these equipment be selected to achieve the effect of high efficiency, low consumption and perfect grain shape standard of finished products?

First of all, the core part of the production line is the crushing equipment. According to different finished product standards, Shenzhen crusher selected in the quarry is divided into jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, impact sander, etc. All kinds of crushers have different functions because of their own characteristics. For example, the jaw crusher has a very large crushing capacity and feed particle size, which can crush some relatively hard boulders; the impact crusher mainly breaks such brittle materials as limestone, basalt, granite, concrete, slag, cement blocks and other materials with low hardness and low abrasiveness, while the cone crusher is mainly used to crush iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, quartzite, sandstone Hard materials with strong abrasiveness, such as pebbles. In order to obtain high quality and good grain shape sand, an impact sand making machine can also be equipped, which has the effect of sand making and shaping.

Secondly, as auxiliary equipment, feeding equipment, conveying equipment and screening equipment do not have high requirements in selection, but material characteristics should be considered to understand its humidity, moisture content, hardness and size. At the same time, the selection of each equipment should refer to the production capacity of the whole production line, which is the connection and coordination of the production capacity before and after, to avoid no-load or overload of the equipment. Make sure to give full play to the auxiliary role, so that the efficiency of the production line can be maximized.

Finally, considering the environmental factors, the production line is equipped with dust removal equipment. The dust pollution of quarries is also a big problem that perplexes the mining industry. Shanghai Shibang company has been working for many years. On the basis of rich production experience, it is able to design production plans and customize production lines for customers according to different stone properties and processing requirements, and each production line is equipped with high-efficiency dust removal devices to reduce dust pollution of the production line.

In many years of production, on the one hand, the quarry pays attention to the maintenance of these production line equipment, on the other hand, it also strictly controls the equipment quality. When purchasing production line equipment, usually consider the manufacturer's industry popularity, performance, service life, after-sales service, etc. After years of production, the quarry has formed a stable cooperative relationship with a number of Shenzhen stone crusher manufacturers to ensure the quality of the quarry products in the long run and stabilize the industry norms.


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