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How To Comprehensively Utilize The Tailings Of Shajin Mine

Last Update:2020-05-08 20:36:51

Placer gold is an important source of gold ore for concentrators. Every year, I use a variety of methods such as gold dredgers to mine placer gold, with an annual excavation volume of more than 70 million cubic meters. However, the amount of tailings discharged by the concentrators matched with the gold dredgers is also quite large. These tailings contain a lot of useful substances, such as magnetite, hematite, ilmenite and garnet, which can be used for recycling.

The current situation and problems of tailings in our mine; the grade of good sources in most of our mines is relatively low, and a large number of tailings are discharged during the beneficiation process. With the improvement of the utilization of good sources of minerals, the exploitable grade of ores is correspondingly reduced, and the tailings discharge is also increasing. My tailing discharge is quite large, and it is increasing at the rate of several hundred million tons every year. And my comprehensive utilization rate of tailings is low, a large number of tailings can only be stacked in the tailings pond or some natural sites, which inevitably brings many problems. Tailings seriously pollute the surrounding environment. Some reagents need to be added in some beneficiation processes, and a certain amount of reagents will remain in tailings. For example, cyanide used for gold dressing is a highly toxic agent; xanthate, black medicine and phenolic compounds commonly used in ore dressing give off a kind of bad smell in the water, which is very harmful to people and livestock; there are also some heavy metal elements originally stored in ores, which exist in tailing water due to the effect of chemical agents, and these tailing water flows into the underground and mixes with the underground water, which is harmful to human body A harmful thing.  

In recent years, I have done a lot of work in the aspect of comprehensive utilization of tailings pond of placer gold mine, with great effect, and many concentrators all over the country have personally verified that placer gold tailings can be said to be a hidden treasure, which is worth our in-depth study, utilization and recovery. After experimental study, Changchun Institute of Geosciences adopted the combined process of gravity separation, magnetic separation and magnetic hydrostatics separation. The total recovery rate of gold was over 85%, especially the effect of magnetic fluid placer on fine gold recovery was good.

The importance of comprehensive utilization and management of tailings for improving economic and social benefits and ecological environment is introduced. The methods of comprehensive utilization and management of tailings are introduced, and some suggestions are put forward for its work. Good source of mineral resources plays a very important role in the process of people's economic development. Good source of mineral resources is a non renewable natural good source. In order to improve the utilization rate of good mineral resources, extend the service life and protect the ecological environment on which human beings depend, people pay more and more attention to the comprehensive utilization and management of tailings. With the improvement of mineral processing technology and the increasing tension of good mineral resources, tailing has become a secondary good source for people's development and utilization. The developed industry has taken the development and utilization of mining waste as a new goal of mine development, and the comprehensive utilization and management of tailing as a sign to measure the level of science and technology and the level of economic development. My research in this area started late, but due to the needs of the situation, people are more and more aware that the comprehensive utilization and management of tailings is a necessary measure to improve the utilization rate of good resources and maintain the sustainable development of mining industry.

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