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How To Clean The Brick Factory Crusher Correctly

Last Update:2020-05-09 03:17:11

As one of the most widely used mechanical equipment in the production, brick crusher has been paid more and more attention, especially in the modern basic industry of our country. However, in the process of formal production, in addition to operating the equipment in strict accordance with the production requirements, it is more necessary to do a good job in daily maintenance work, especially the cleaning of the equipment can not be ignored, so how to clean the brick crusher correctly?

First of all, when the brick mill crusher completes all kinds of tasks, it needs to shut down and cut off the power supply, and then clean the external dirt of the equipment in time, but at the same time, it needs to pay attention to protect the paint layer outside the equipment, and the paint layer can not be detached due to too much force. Once the paint layer is found to fall off, it is necessary to repair the paint in time, so as to prevent the equipment from corrosion. At the same time, the surface of the brick crusher should be inspected regularly, and the dirt should be removed in time, so as to reduce the failure rate of the equipment in operation.

While cleaning the brick crusher, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether some common vulnerable parts of the equipment are worn and damaged. It is also necessary to check whether the screws at each connection point of the equipment are loose in time. Once deformation or cracks are found, it is necessary to report to the relevant maintenance personnel in time for maintenance. At ordinary times, all operators should form a good habit of cleaning the crushing chamber of the equipment in time. Before the official shutdown of the crusher in the brick factory, make sure that there is no material in the crushing chamber. During the production process, it is forbidden to put non crushing materials into the crushing chamber to avoid equipment failure or personal safety accident.

If it is found that there is dirt at the outlet when the brick crusher is used for production, it shall be removed in time to ensure its normal operation. At ordinary times, the equipment shall be stored in dry, ventilated, rainproof and other places. In addition, in the process of transportation and installation of the brick crusher, we must also pay attention to avoid all kinds of collisions, to prevent the fuselage from bringing different degrees of collision and damage, which will affect the use performance of the equipment.

How to clean the brick crusher correctly is very important for the normal operation and long service life of the equipment. After reading the above detailed introduction, we have a clearer understanding of the cleaning and use precautions of the equipment. It is hoped that all operators can operate the equipment correctly, clean and maintain the equipment correctly, ensure the normal and efficient operation of the crusher in the brick factory, and ensure the very large production efficiency of the enterprise.


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