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How To Choose Yunnan Jaw Crusher Die

Last Update:2020-05-01 05:53:37

This equipment is generally used in stone production industry and mainly plays a role in crushing. At present, there are many ore crushing equipment in the market. Yunnan jaw crusher is widely used in this industry. However, the equipment often needs to contact hard ore with texture edges and corners in the process of use, and the wear rate of equipment parts is very fast, which also leads to a greatly shortened use time of the equipment, many of which The equipment is only used for a few years due to wear of parts.

The jaw crusher tooth plate of all parts of the equipment is a part that is more worn than the container, which needs to be replaced frequently. The material of the tooth plate must be manganese steel, while ensuring the good flexibility of the material. The tooth plate wear mainly occurs in the process of cutting the raw materials, the raw materials will contact with the parts, and there will be friction between the two. In the process of friction, the raw materials will be crushed into pieces Chip shape, these debris raw materials will produce a strong impact on the components, resulting in component wear. During the operation of the equipment, the raw materials will constantly extrude the parts, and many cracks will appear on the surface of the parts. In serious cases, even the parts will turn over. In the process of turning over, the parts will collide with the raw materials violently, so the parts will suffer secondary injury. When operating the equipment, people need to deal with the raw material debris in time, so as to avoid the debris hitting the parts and causing damage to the parts.

People should try their best to improve the hardness and toughness of the parts when they operate the equipment, and try their best to improve the external hardness of the jaw crusher die plate, so as to further improve the wear resistance of the parts, so as to avoid the fracture of the parts when they are impacted by the raw materials in the process of contact with the raw materials and the irreparable deformation of the parts surface.

In addition to the toothed plate jaw crusher belt, it is also very easy to be impacted by the raw materials in the equipment, resulting in large-scale wear. In this case, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it is necessary to replace these two parts in a timely manner, at the same time, it is necessary to increase the investment in equipment research, extend the service time of the parts by introducing new materials, and minimize the friction between the raw materials and parts During the cutting operation, avoid the close contact between the two parts and the raw materials, and prolong the service life of the two raw materials.


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