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How To Choose The Manufacturer Of Jaw Crusher And How To Maintain It

Last Update:2020-05-01 04:40:06

Some customers always ask how to choose the manufacturer of jaw crusher or how to maintain the jaw crusher when they are going to buy it. These two questions are very important. If you want to buy it, you need to know some conditions of the equipment, some conditions of the manufacturer, or how to maintain the equipment in the future With the sample protection, it can also better understand the details of the equipment. Next, we will introduce these two questions:

Preparation before start-up: before start-up of jaw crusher, comprehensive and careful inspection must be carried out for the equipment: check the wear of crushing gear plate, adjust the size of ore discharge port; check whether there is ore in the crushing chamber, if there is large ore, it must be taken out; whether the link bolt is loose; whether the protective cover of pulley and flywheel is complete; the tightness of V-belt and pull rod spring is Whether it is appropriate, the filling degree of oil volume in oil storage tank (or dry oil reservoir) and the integrity of lubrication system; whether electrical equipment and signal system are normal, etc.

Before starting the crusher, start the oil pump motor and cooling system first. After three to four minutes, when the oil pressure and oil flow indicators are normal, start the crusher motor. After the crusher is started, after a period of time, the operation of the ore feeding equipment can only be started after competing for production. The ore fed to the crusher shall be gradually increased until it is fully loaded.

During the operation, attention must be paid to the uniform ore feeding. The ore shall not be crowded into the crushing chamber, and the larger size of the feeding block shall not be greater than 0.85 times the width of the ore feeding opening. At the same time, the ore shall be strictly prevented from entering the crusher by the shovel teeth and drill bits of the drill. Once these non broken objects are found to enter the crushing chamber and pass through the ore discharge port of the machine, the belt transportation post shall be informed immediately to take them out in time, so as to avoid entering the next section of crusher and causing serious equipment accidents. In the operation process, always pay attention to the large ore block blocking the ore feeding port of the crusher. If it has been blocked, it is necessary to use the iron hook to turn the ore. if the large ore needs to be taken out of the crushing chamber, it is necessary to use good door appliances and strictly carry out these works by hand to avoid accidents.

Generally, the machine is accompanied by detailed operation instructions. However, if you have any questions, you can ask the staff of the manufacturer. Liming heavy industry is a good choice. Not only is the service before and during sales good, but also the after-sales service is good. If you have any questions, you can contact the manufacturer. We are responsible for every machine we sell.


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