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How To Avoid The Rust Of Superfine Grinding Machine

Last Update:2020-05-07 14:01:28

When the ultra-fine grinding machine is working, if the equipment is often in contact with the humid air, it is easy to rust. When the grinding machine is rusty, it will not only accelerate the aging of the equipment, but also reduce its service life and performance. For this phenomenon, what we have to do is to remove the rust in time and do a good job of rust prevention, so as to ensure the use of the ultra-fine grinding machine Life and performance, so what should we do? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it. 1、 Derusting operation for superfine grinding machine, we can choose different ways according to different equipment when derusting, for example, small-scale grinding machine can use small-scale pneumatic or electric way to remove rust, the principle used at this time is mainly to use electric or compressed air as the power to remove rust; for large-scale grinding machine It is said that the high-pressure water abrasive method can be selected to remove rust, and its principle is to use the impact of high-pressure water jet to achieve the purpose of rust removal; two, the so-called antirust operation is the operation of ultra-fine grinding machine in the use process, to avoid equipment rusting. Generally, it is to isolate the contact with the outside moist air, so as to achieve the purpose of rust prevention. It can also be coated with a layer of waterproof paint, and regularly check whether the paint falls off during production. When there is a falling off phenomenon, it needs to be supplemented in time. If there is a condition, the pulverizer can be placed in the indoor production. If there is no condition, it also needs to be placed in a dry environment In case of heavy rain, the production shall be stopped, and rainproof measures shall be taken for the ultra-fine pulverizer to avoid rust caused by rain on the equipment.


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