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How To Avoid The Phenomenon Of Foundation Sinking Of Superfine Grinding Machine

Last Update:2020-05-14 13:31:19

The ultra-fine grinding machine is installed on the foundation for work, and the foundation needs to be poured before the installation of the grinding machine. Generally speaking, when the local foundation is firm, the equipment will be relatively stable during operation. Otherwise, it is easy to encounter some problems in production, such as common vibration. In order to prevent such a situation, we should start from the foundation first, and then we will analyze how to prevent it when the foundation sinks. Generally speaking, after purchasing the superfine grinding machine, the manufacturer will provide the user with the installation drawing and process of the foundation. We only need to build the foundation according to the drawing and process, generally there will be no big problem. For the phenomenon of foundation subsidence, when this problem occurs, there is no need to panic. Users only need to adjust and reinforce in time. In the adjustment, the first problem to be noticed is to keep the cleanliness of the reducer and adjust the loose parts in time. This is to avoid the phenomenon of equipment wear or parts loss due to the adjustment. Of course, the phenomenon of sinking will affect the production of the superfine mill more or less, so we still need to understand that this phenomenon should be prevented. 1. When selecting the foundation, the place close to the mining can be selected, which can save the transportation time and cost. When building the foundation, we can also set a monitoring settlement point, so that when the foundation sinks, it can be found and adjusted in time. 2. The foundation of the superfine grinding machine is generally built below the ground level. The foundation of the small superfine grinding machine can directly use the cement ground, but if it is a large grinding equipment, the cement foundation must be at least more than 30cm, so as to ensure that the equipment will not produce severe vibration when working. 3. There is also a setting time for the cement foundation of the superfine grinding machine when it is being built. Some customers can't wait for the setting time and will use the coagulant to shorten this time. In fact, this is not good, because the size of the equipment is different and the thickness of the foundation is different, so the setting period of the cement foundation of different equipment is different. In order to ensure the stability of the foundation, it is better to wait for its natural setting. www.zzsgzj.cn


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