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How To Avoid The Aging Phenomenon Of Bentonite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-02 16:05:32

Bentonite grinding machine is a kind of grinding equipment specially used to process bentonite. Like other things, the equipment will be aged when it is used for a long time, and the parts of the equipment can not avoid failure. For the aging phenomenon of the equipment, it is mainly due to the wear caused by the long-term use of the parts, which leads to the decline of the output and the quality of the finished products, or even The damage of the components will also lead to the failure of the normal production of the equipment, so how should we avoid the aging phenomenon of the bentonite grinder? Now let's make a simple analysis for you. First of all, once the bentonite pulverizer is aged, we can update it through maintenance, replacement and improvement. Therefore, the maintenance and recovery of tangible aging, especially the basic components in the equipment, occupy the vast majority of the bentonite grinder. If it is replaced, the cost will be too high, and the maintenance will not play a certain role for the parts that cannot be treated. Secondly, when tangible aging and intangible aging exist at the same time, it needs to be updated, that is to say, the bentonite grinder needs to be replaced. At the same time of visible aging, some invisible aging occurs, which needs to be improved and repaired. The maintenance plan can be made according to the wear and consumption rule and replacement cycle of components, and then the spare parts can be stored to achieve the planned maintenance and repair. Moreover, generally speaking, the minor repair cycle of bentonite pulverizer is generally one month, which also includes the repair with damage, which generally includes the inspection, cleaning and replacement of lubricating oil of lubricating pipeline, as well as the inspection, replacement and tightening of various components, inspection and repair of large and small gears, and replacement or repair according to the wear of components. In order to reduce the maintenance cost of bentonite pulverizer, when the equipment reaches the aging period, the user should timely carry out maintenance according to the specific situation.


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