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How To Accurately Judge The Wear Of The Lining Plate Of The Mini Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-07 02:30:24

For all crushing machines, due to the long-term crushing work, long-term use will bring great damage to the parts and vulnerable parts of the equipment, especially the lining plate of the small crusher. However, it is not so easy to judge the wear degree of lining plate. It is necessary to observe and count the lining plate frequently and maintain it in time. So how to accurately determine the wear of small crusher liner?

In fact, in the process of daily operation, for each set of lining plate of micro crusher, relevant statistics shall be carried out, and a detailed record shall be made for the number of teeth used. This work will be a little tedious, but it is of great significance for the normal operation of the smaller crusher and the efficient operation of the lining plate. In the process of recording, it is generally from the starting position of lining plate to the end of using position, and the number of teeth shall be recorded accurately.

Once the lining plate of small crusher is used up, it needs to be adjusted accordingly. Generally, before turning the fixed cone on the inner side of the adjusting ring, it needs to accurately count and record the number of teeth that have been turned on the drive. Once a new lining plate needs to be installed, it is also necessary to record the number of teeth that have been turned at any time, and at the same time make a corresponding comparison with the number of teeth that have been turned before, so that the wear degree of the lining plate of the smaller crusher can be calculated clearly.

In addition, pay attention to the change of the discharge port of the smaller crusher at any time. If the dust ring of the equipment is marked, it can also clearly indicate the wear of the equipment lining plate. All operators should make regular wear records and statistics of the lining plate of the micro crusher, so that they can not only find the equipment failure in time and deal with it in time, but also reduce the time of failure consumption and improve the overall output of the production line.

The operation efficiency of the smaller crusher is very high, but in the specific operation process, the wear of the lining plate needs to be timely statistical and analysis. All operators shall regularly check the lining plate, and timely repair or replace the lining plate if it is found to be worn. Only in this way can the efficient production of the micro crusher be guaranteed, the very large production volume be guaranteed, and the failure rate in the production be reduced, which will eventually bring great benefits to the enterprise.


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