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How The Blade Affects The Productivity Of The High Fine Grinding Machine

Last Update:2020-05-08 05:54:47

As a common grinding equipment, the high-precision grinding machine has many factors that affect its productivity in the grinding production, such as material: material hardness, moisture content and the amount of impurities in the material, and then the equipment, which generally includes whether the lubricating oil is replaced in time, and whether the maintenance of the high-precision grinding machine is proper. So whether the blade will hinder the productivity of the high-precision grinder? Let's make a detailed analysis for you. I hope it can help the users. As we all know, the function of the blade in the grinding production of the high-precision pulverizer is to shovel the materials and send them to the grinding ring of the grinding roller for grinding. Some of the lifting positions of the blade are on the high side and some are on the low side, so that the blade cannot accurately send the materials to the grinding position, which greatly affects the productivity of the high-precision pulverizer, and the natural output will be reduced accordingly. In fact, there is a direct relationship between the size of the blade and the space of the high-precision grinder. If the blade is too large, it can not be put in, thus affecting the normal operation of the high-precision grinder. If it is too small, it can not shovel materials, which will also affect the productivity. The high efficiency of the high fine grinding machine is an important link to save resources and energy. Therefore, when selecting the blade, we should reasonably configure the blade according to the hardness of the grinding material and the model of the equipment. If the hardness of the material is high, the life of the blade will be greatly reduced, and the blade with high hardness can well avoid this. It is the common purpose of all users to improve the output of high-precision pulverizer, so we should not only select the blade, but also do a good job in equipment maintenance.


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