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How Physical Properties Of Materials Affect The Efficiency Of Sand Production Line

Last Update:2020-05-12 03:08:37

To improve the production efficiency of sand making machine, we also need to combine the physical characteristics of materials. At present, artificial sand is the main source of sand supply. How to improve the work efficiency of sand making production line is a problem that we have been paying attention to and thinking about, but it is worth noting that the hardness, humidity and viscosity of materials need to match with the sand making machine equipment we choose.

Generally, the harder the material with higher hardness is to break up, and the more serious the wear of the equipment is. According to the hardness analysis, the Mohs hardness of 6-7 belongs to hard stone, such as granite, and the Mohs hardness of 3-5 belongs to medium hard stone, such as marble, and the Mohs hardness of 1-2 belongs to soft stone, such as limestone and dolomite. The hardness of each material is different.

The stone with high viscosity will adhere to the inner wall of the crushing chamber, which will affect the quantity of materials contained in the crushing chamber and reduce the working efficiency. Generally, the sand making machine requires high fineness of materials after crushing, that is, the finer the materials required to be crushed, the smaller the crushing sand making capacity. The higher the viscosity of the stone, the easier it will adhere. In serious cases, it may also affect the normal operation of the sand making machine. If the viscosity of crushed aggregate is a little high, the crushing chamber shall be cleaned in time to improve the equipment efficiency.

When we configure the sand making production line, we should choose the appropriate sand making machine according to the viscosity and humidity of the materials. Some materials become more viscous at high temperature, which will not only affect the sand production rate, but also cause damage to the sand making machine. The hardness and fineness of materials are also very important in the whole sand making production line. The hardness and fineness of materials directly affect the selection of the whole sand making equipment. The whole design should reflect the rationality, economic applicability and low wear characteristics of the production line, try to be simple and practical, and select the appropriate model configuration according to different process requirements.


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