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How Much Is The Sand Making Equipment Of Aeolian Fossil

Last Update:2020-05-02 19:30:57

Weathering fossils, also known as moire stone, are formed by the accumulation of different colors of gravel and vertical and horizontal gullies. Aeolian fossils, i.e. weathered rocks, refer to the phenomenon that rocks are broken, loose and mineral composition changes under the joint action of solar radiation, atmosphere, water, biology and other factors. Generally, it is divided into unweathered rock, slightly weathered rock, moderately weathered rock, strongly weathered rock, completely weathered rock and residual soil.

At present, the main material of the concrete sand and stone system in the construction of hydropower station generally adopts the artificial sandstone aggregate. One of the important technological links is the manufacture of sand. The quality and technical indexes of sand often affect the strength of concrete, so the grading of sand must be maintained for a long time in the construction. The fineness modulus, stone powder content and other important indexes are qualified and stable.

In recent years, artificial sand aggregate is used in the concrete sand system of hydropower stations in China. The traditional sand making equipment and new sand making equipment have been used in the sand making process of artificial sand gravel aggregate at home and abroad. Through the introduction and development of new equipment, new sand making technology is created, which promotes the development of sand making technology and hydropower industry. Liming heavy industry serves the national standard sand producer and develops a new type of sand making machine to meet the production needs of sand and stone materials.

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