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How Does The High Fine Grinding Machine Grind The Material

Last Update:2020-05-07 03:14:28

High fineness mill is a kind of powder processing equipment which is widely used at present, and it can also be used to process many kinds of materials. Only when we understand the basic working principle of the high finely grinding machine can we master the performance characteristics of the equipment, so as to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Next, let's take a look at how the high fineness grinder grinds materials. First of all, in the grinding production line, generally equipped with crushing equipment, so that the material with larger particle size can be crushed, so that its particle size can meet the feeding requirements of the high-precision pulverizer, so as to avoid blocking due to excessive feeding, and thus affect the working efficiency of the high-precision pulverizer. Next, the pulverized materials after crushing are transported to the storage hopper under the action of the elevator or conveyor, and then uniformly and continuously sent to the inside of the high fine mill through the electromagnetic vibration feeder. At this time, the grinding roller and grinding ring driven by the motor continuously roll and grind the materials sent by the blade, and the materials after grinding enter the powder concentrator with the air flow of the fan for further classification treatment. After that, with the rotation of the impeller of the powder concentrator inside the high-precision grinder, the powder with qualified fineness of the finished material will rotate with the air flow, and then enter the cyclone powder collector through the pipeline for further separation and collection, and the qualified material will be discharged through the discharge device. The materials with unqualified fineness shall be returned to the grinding chamber for regrinding. This is the whole process of grinding materials by high-precision grinder. If the ground materials contain certain moisture, and the grinding operation is carried out in a sealed state, certain heat will inevitably be generated when the equipment is working, which will cause the gas evaporation in the grinding chamber of high-precision grinder, and then change the gas flow of the system. Therefore, in general, a special exhaust pipe valve will be set at the outlet of the fan, so that the hot gas generated in the process of grinding can be discharged through this valve, and it will be discharged into the atmosphere after purification, so as to ensure a good production environment.


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