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How Can The Bentonite Grinder Meet The Requirements Of Environmental Protection

Last Update:2020-05-03 05:13:03

When we choose the bentonite mill, we should consider not only the quality and price of the equipment, but also the environmental protection. With people's increasing attention to the living environment, for the bentonite mill, only when it meets the requirements of environmental protection, can it be recognized by the market and users, so as to get a better development. So what should the bentonite mill do How can we meet the requirements of environmental protection? For such grinding equipment as bentonite mill, the environmental pollution is mainly reflected in these two aspects, one is noise, the other is dust, so avoiding these two conditions can ensure that the equipment can meet the requirements of environmental protection. The following small part makes a detailed analysis on these two aspects: 1. Reducing the emission of noise. In the grinding production of bentonite mill, noise is not only It will cause pollution to the environment and harm to the health of workers. Therefore, reducing noise emission is one of the important links to achieve environmental protection. There are many ways to reduce noise emission, the fundamental reason is to reduce the vibration of equipment, and then reduce it in the transmission way, such as setting up barriers to reduce the spread of noise, for the health of operators, protective measures can be worn. 2. To reduce the occurrence of dust for the bentonite mill, if the dust overflows in the mill production, it will not only cause pollution to the surrounding environment, but also cause harm to the health of the staff. To reduce the phenomenon of dust overflowing, the effective way is to do a good job in sealing the equipment, which can effectively prevent the dust overflowing Now, it has the effect of environmental protection. For the phenomenon of dust overflow, it will not only have a certain impact on the environment, but also on the equipment. For example, the overflowing dust will cause the pollution of lubricating oil, accelerate the wear of parts, etc., which will not only affect the production efficiency of bentonite mill, but also greatly shorten the service life of the equipment. Therefore, it is very necessary to do a good job in sealing the equipment 。


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