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How About The Quality Of Jaw Crusher In Chongqing

Last Update:2020-05-11 20:29:03

Chongqing crusher manufacturers produce a series of jaw crushers with advanced skills and reliable quality. The price of jaw crushers in Chongqing is reasonable and widely recognized by shopping malls and customers. The use of crusher equipment is indeed very extensive, forming a more professional, more economical and practical crushing production line to produce industrial powder and bring processing materials to the shopping malls industry.

Chongqing jaw crusher, produced by Chongqing crusher manufacturer, changes the traditional internal drag type dissector into external vertical crane transmission with internal rotation and two barriers, which not only enhances the stability of crusher during operation, but also increases its durability. In the failure area, the materials to be grinded are always assembled in the grinding failure area for useful processing, which improves the grinding efficiency. Together, the structure of the grinding roller is updated, so that the grinding roller and the grinding roller shaft can complement each other, making its efficiency and durability stronger. And can work at a higher grinding force and speed.

According to Chongqing jaw crusher manufacturer, the original horizontal bottom of the air box and air duct of Chongqing jaw crusher is changed to be inclined to the middle by 30 degrees to form a bucket shape, so as to ensure that the air box and air duct are unblocked all the time, and the required stability of the air volume is maintained, at the same time, the high efficiency of the main machine crushing is further increased. Moreover, in the whole system planning, the manufacturer upgraded the traditional two-level collection to four-level collection. Under the condition of ensuring no dust spillage, the first and second level collection adopts the circulation negative pressure locking collection; the third and fourth level collection adopts the controlled spillage dry wet series collection to prevent dust spillage. The whole system not only collects broken stone, but also eliminates and reduces the pollution to the surrounding environment.

With the continuous addition of users' needs and the continuous innovation of crusher skills, Chongqing crusher manufacturers, based on their own basic, constantly seek for skill breaking and skill innovation. Through the unremitting efforts of Chongqing crusher manufacturer Machinery Research Institute, independently developed a new generation of efficient crushing equipment -- Chongqing crusher, the crusher and ultra-fine gravel produced by Chongqing crusher manufacturers The machine-made stone powder reaches thousands of meshes, the processed products are widely used, the operation of the equipment is simple and convenient, and the passing rate is high, which is the ideal equipment for the powder processing industry at present.


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