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High Manganese Steel Jaw Plate Is Solid And Durable

Last Update:2020-05-06 15:48:13

The panel has appeared a long time ago and has a history of one hundred years. At present, the panel has a huge market in the field of mining machinery production, which is the key point introduced by the factory and enterprise. The high manganese steel jaw plate is a very common type of panel in the crushing equipment. The panel is easy to use and does not need special maintenance at ordinary times. The operator only needs regular maintenance and inspection Yes, the panel is an important part of the crushing equipment, which can help the equipment to produce products with very high particle size. During the operation of the equipment, the panel plays a crucial role, so the quality of the panel directly determines the quality of the equipment.

The jaw plate of crusher can be divided into different types according to different materials, mainly including high-quality steel plate, medium quality steel plate, high-quality soldering iron plate, medium quality alloy steel plate, etc. the high-quality soldering iron plate has very good wear resistance, but it is very flexible, which is not suitable for handling the raw materials with small hardness. The panel that people usually use in construction It is also a high-quality steel panel, which has good load capacity and strong impact resistance. However, there are some unreasonable aspects in the structure. Now people have optimized and improved the panel, shorten the angle between the mobile panel and the fixed panel as much as possible, and avoid a lot of wear during the use of the panel. At the same time, it is carried out Cutting operation is more convenient.

When people choose the jaw plate of crusher, they need to focus on the wear-resistant performance of the panel. The equipment often comes into contact with various raw materials. If the wear-resistant performance is not good, the equipment will often be damaged. When choosing the panel, the enterprise needs to consider its own economic interests, try not to choose the panel that is easy to damage, which can reduce the panel failure.


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