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High Efficiency Steel Slag Crusher Deduces The Myth Of Zero Pollution Of Contemporary Solid Waste

Last Update:2020-05-08 01:44:27

Steel slag is the solid waste produced in the process of blast furnace ironmaking and steelmaking. Slag discharged from steelmaking can be divided into converter slag, open hearth slag and electric furnace slag according to furnace type. The discharge is about 15-20% of the crude steel output. According to statistics, at present, there are about 300 million tons of steel slag in China, and the quantity is increasing by 84 million tons every year. If this trend is followed, the amount of steel slag in China will be a shocking figure in the future. A large number of steel slag discharged as waste not only occupies a large number of farmland and land, but also causes serious environmental pollution.

In fact, steel slag contains many useful resources, such as calcium, iron, silicon, magnesium, aluminum, manganese, phosphorus and so on. Steel slag can be used in many fields. If it is directly used as waste resources, it is a huge waste of resources. In the process of steel slag treatment, it is mainly crushing. Based on many experiments and researches, the slag crusher is a special equipment for steel slag crushing. The common processing technology is that the steel slag is broken by the equipment, and then the broken steel slag is ground by the mill equipment. Finally, four kinds of high-efficiency, high-quality and high added value products are obtained through baking drying, magnetic separation screening, pellet manufacturing and other processes, which are reused in industrial production.

At present, compared with developed countries, China's steel slag treatment and recovery level is still in a low state. Because of its high potential hydraulic property, high output and low cost, it has become a mixture of cement production, and can also be used as the aggregate of asphalt mixture to pave the pavement. Some steel slag crusher manufacturers have invented many kinds of processing technologies through practice research. They use the treated steel slag as slag fertilizer in acid soil, as building materials, subgrade materials, etc. high quality scrap with iron content more than 90% will continue to be used for steelmaking.

After the national "12th Five Year Plan" development strategy is put forward, improving the comprehensive utilization rate of steel slag is gradually put on the agenda. Shanghai Shibang and some enterprises in the industry began to research and use the crushing and grinding equipment to grind the steel slag. The advantage of this is that it can effectively use all the steel slag in the steel plant, and there is no waste, effectively realizing the myth of zero pollution of solid waste in the contemporary steel industry.


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