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High Efficiency Hammer Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-03 22:33:39

Hammer crusher is divided into high-efficiency hammer crusher, vertical shaft hammer crusher and reversible hammer crusher. The hammer head of hammer crusher is replaced by ring crusher with steel ring, which is a transformation of hammer crusher. It uses the comprehensive action of high-speed impact and low-speed rolling to crush materials, so it can obtain finer products, which are mainly used for crushing coal in power plants, but also for crushing gypsum, salt chemical raw materials and some medium hard materials. Hammer crusher is used to crush all kinds of medium hard and weak abrasive materials. The compressive strength of the material is not more than 100MPa, and the moisture content is less than 15%. The crushed materials are coal, salt, Baiya, gypsum, brick, limestone, etc. It can also be used to break wood, paper or waste material of asbestos cement with strong elasticity and toughness to recover asbestos fiber and so on. Single section hammer crusher is a heavy hammer crusher, also known as composite hammer crusher, which is mainly used for crushing operations. Large single section hammer crusher can directly crush limestone with a diameter of 1 meter to about 20 mm, with strong crushing capacity. Single section hammer crusher is widely used in cement industry.

The hammer crusher features a steel plate welding structure, the rotor of the crusher and the motor are installed on the same base, and the pin coupling is used for direct transmission, with high transmission efficiency. The rotor is verified by dynamic balance, which makes the rotor work stably and can work in both positive and negative directions. The operating door is equipped with a pressing mechanism to ensure that the operating door can not be opened when the rotor is rotating, so as to ensure safety. The feeding port is on the top of the crusher, which can be equipped with various feeding mechanisms. The structure of the mechanism is simple, firm, durable, high productivity, convenient, safe and reliable for operation.

The hammer is the main working part of the crusher to break the material. The linear velocity of the end of the hammer not only determines the strike strength, but also affects the strike times. Different materials have different requirements on strike force. It is difficult to crush materials with low linear speed, while the increase of linear speed will increase no-load energy consumption, intensify vibration, increase noise, accelerate parts wear, and make materials warm up. Therefore, for different materials, different particle size requirements, we should choose a more suitable linear speed. The three dimensions of rectangular hammers are mainly considered, i.e. length, width and thickness.


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