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High Dust Removal Efficiency Of Yulin Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-01 16:15:13

The coal crusher is of high quality and reasonable price. The hammer head of the equipment is made by special manufacturing process. On the one hand, the hardness of the hammer head has been significantly improved compared with the previous one, on the other hand, the use time of the hammer head has been further extended, which is three times the use time of the general hammer head. The equipment adopts advanced two-way gap adjustment technology, which can control the crushing raw materials The utility model can prolong the use time of the hammer head and save a large amount of cost for replacing the hammer head.

Yulin crusher is a special machine for pulverizing coal raw materials. This coal mine raw material crusher not only smashes thoroughly, but also has no excessive requirement for the moisture degree of coal mine raw materials. Even in wet weather, it can operate normally. Many people are worried about whether the wet materials will be blocked when entering into the pulverization, which is unnecessary. There is no sieve bottom or grate plate in the design of coal mine raw material crusher, so there will be no sticking and blocking phenomenon when wet materials enter into the crusher. Not only will not block, the particle size of the crushed material is also very fine.

The dust removal effect of crusher is also very good, most of the dust can be completely removed, which can create a safe and comfortable environment for workers to work. The equipment is driven by two levels, with strong power, and can completely crush the coal gangue. The traditional crusher often has the situation of incomplete crushing, and this equipment can completely crush the coal gangue without worrying about the residual impurities. The equipment does not have a screen bottom, which can prevent the materials with high humidity from blocking the screen bottom and ensure the smooth discharge of crushed materials. The equipment is made of special raw materials with advanced technology. It is suitable for crushing various materials. It is an all-round crushing machine. Customers can also customize the equipment according to their needs, and the quality of the equipment can be guaranteed.


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