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Henan Counterattack Creative Application

Last Update:2020-05-04 18:44:20

Here is a data. According to the current situation of coal mining in China, if 100 million tons of coal are produced every year, 14 million tons of gangue will be produced. Coal is a mineral resource formed under natural conditions, but the generation and emission of coal gangue are closely related to the coal seam conditions, mining process and beneficiation process of the mine. The coal gangue produced by roughing should not be regarded as waste. Henan counterattack can solve the problem of resource waste and environmental pollution caused by existing coal gangue through secondary processing of coal gangue.

It is the goal of China's new energy policy to actively promote the deep processing of coal resources and more effectively tap the value of resources. Henan coke mine impact crusher complies with the government's macro-control of the coal industry, further optimizes the coal processing technology, reorganizes the existing coal gangue resources, and increases the intensity of comprehensive utilization of energy. After crushing coal gangue into qualified particle size by impact crusher, it can be used as ceramic raw material through preheating, burning, cooling, grading, packaging and other production links. At the same time, coal gangue can also be applied to the construction material market and become the material of cement and new brick.

The impact crusher has expanded the more extensive application space of gangue, is an effective use of existing resources, and belongs to the tailings treatment and green environmental protection project vigorously advocated in urban construction. According to the material properties of coal gangue, a preheating device is added to the feed tank of the coal impact crusher to solve the problem of high humidity material crushing. The traditional processing technology of resources in China has been constantly improving for the full use of resources. The secondary crushing of coal gangue by the impact crusher and the new application field not only ensure the quality of urban environment, but also make full use of the value of coal resources

Nowadays, the value of gangue as building materials and ceramic raw materials has been fully exploited, and the energy structure of our country has also been greatly adjusted. The impact crusher seizes the historical development opportunity, while ensuring the raw coal crushing production, it processes the generated solid waste for the second time, so as to realize the great value of coal gangue resources.


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