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Hebei Handan Coal Crusher Operation Instructions

Last Update:2020-05-05 03:07:26

First of all, before starting the crusher in Handan, Hebei, we need to pay attention to the matters. The operator must check the lubrication of the bearing before the start-up to see if there is not enough lubricating oil at the connection of the bearing liner plate; check whether all the fasteners of the equipment are in good condition; check whether there are any ore and sundries left in the crushing chamber of Handan coal crusher during the production yesterday. If all the above items need to be checked are within the required range, the machine can be started normally. If one item is not within the required range, the maintenance should be carried out in time.

Secondly, the normal operation of Hebei Handan crusher need to pay attention to. We all know that once the crusher is put into production, it needs to have the conditions for continuous production. No matter how long the crusher equipment is used or just put into production, it must be operated according to the steps in the instructions. In the process of normal operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation of the equipment at all times, ensure uniform feeding, and prevent the phenomenon of full or empty crushing chamber. When selecting the materials for crushing of Handan coal crusher, the operator must select the materials within the suitable range, not too large or too calibrated

Finally, when the production of Handan coal crusher stops, we need to pay attention to the matters. In case of sudden temperature rise of main bearing or moving jaw shaft of the equipment exceeding 80 ℃, the operator shall pay attention to the emergency shutdown. Before stopping the machine, the feeding should be stopped first. When all the materials in the crushing chamber are crushed and discharged, the Handan crusher can be stopped. Do not stop the dust collection system when parking, wait five minutes before stopping it.

Only strictly abide by the above precautions of operating Handan crusher, can we ensure the safety of production and maximize the production efficiency. Only by using Handan crusher correctly for a long time can the service life of the crusher be increased and the economic benefits of users be maximized. Hope all crusher users can grasp the above operation precautions.


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