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Hebei Crusher Factory Explains How To Lubricate The Equipment Reasonably

Last Update:2020-05-13 02:33:36

All the people in the mining machinery industry know that Hebei crusher plays a leading role in the whole industry, because the crusher is easy to wear in the use process. Adding lubricant regularly and properly can reduce the wear degree of crusher. The addition of lubricant is neither casual nor random. There is a certain trick. If the lubricant is not properly added, it will cause certain damage to the equipment. How to add lubricant? Next by Hebei crusher factory for you.

Hebei crusher has different parts and different methods of adding lubricant. Users need to master the specific methods one by one, so as to play a real role in protecting the equipment. In the selection of lubricants, we must be careful not to choose cheap ones with poor quality. We need to choose the right lubricants according to the needs of the crusher. Only the right lubricants can play a role in lubrication. If the lubricant is not selected properly in Hebei crusher factory, it will not only not protect the equipment, but also increase the wear rate of the equipment.

When lubricating Hebei crusher, pay attention to the right amount, do not add too much lubricant or too little. If too much lubricant is added to the crusher, the power generated by the motor will not be transmitted to the crushing parts of the crusher, that is to say, the motor will not play a good role in reducing the crushing capacity of the equipment. The force that the motor can't transmit will act on the lubricant, cause its heating, affect the normal operation of the equipment, and also cause equipment damage. Hebei crusher factory said that if the amount of lubricant added is relatively small, the parts inside the crusher will rub against each other because they are not lubricated, resulting in equipment damage.

According to the long-term use experience of Hebei crusher factory, the lubricant added to the crusher is excellent to keep one third of the internal space of the machine, which is more appropriate. In addition, when adding lubricant to Hebei crusher, it should also be noted that the entrance of the equipment must be cleaned. If there is dust falling into it when adding lubricant, the dust will increase the friction between the parts of crusher and cause great damage to the equipment.


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