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Hangzhou Crushing Machinery Co Ltd Teaches You How To Solve The Problem Of Crushing Machine Jam In Hangzhou

Last Update:2020-05-01 07:28:34

Hangzhou is located in the southeast coast of China. It has a good reputation as a paradise on earth since ancient times. I believe many people are impressed by the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou West Lake and the sad love story of Xu Xian and Bai Niangzi. In fact, in addition to these beauties, Hangzhou is also one of the cities with good mechanical equipment development. There are many crusher factories in Hangzhou, which are widely used in various production. The application advantage of Hangzhou crusher equipment is huge, and the renewal of equipment is also on stage with the progress of society. However, no matter how long a good crusher is used, transmission congestion will inevitably occur in the production process. Next, Hangzhou crusher company will teach you how to solve Hangzhou State crusher clogging problem.

In order to solve the blocking phenomenon of Hangzhou crusher, it is necessary to first clarify the reasons for the blocking of crusher. The common blocking of crusher is mainly the problem of feeding and discharging. First, it is necessary to talk about the blocking of feeding. It is common that the feeding speed is too fast and the equipment is blocked. Once the speed is too fast at the time of feeding, the load of the crusher will increase, and the transmission of the equipment will be blocked. Such a gambling game can be demonstrated by the increase of the electric flow during the operation. If the operator finds that the electric flow increases during the operation of the equipment, adjust the feeding amount in time, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the crusher equipment.

The blocking of feeding can be avoided by controlling the feeding quantity, so how to solve the blocking of discharging? Hangzhou Crushing Machinery Co., Ltd. said: if the speed of materials and the speed of operation are too fast during the production of the equipment, it may block the air supply outlet of the equipment; in addition, if the types of conveying equipment and other equipment do not match each other, it will also cause insufficient wind force in the pipeline and block. The user needs to check in time which causes the feed blockage and restore the normal operation of the crusher.

In addition to the relationship between the feeding location, it is also possible that the broken hammer or aging of Hangzhou crusher may cause the screen hole of the equipment to be closed and broken. Such equipment is likely to cause blocking and affect the normal production during long-term operation. If the equipment is blocked due to this reason, the hammers produced by the broken and deformed Hangzhou crusher factory can be replaced, and it is also necessary to remember to check the screen regularly, which is also considered that the daily maintenance can reduce the problems and faults of the crusher, ensure the normal operation of the crusher, and improve the production efficiency of the equipment.


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