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Gangue Crusher Keeps Pingdingshan Coal Mine Away From Pollution

Last Update:2020-05-05 06:29:52

In nature, when resources are abundant, mineral resources are formed. To obtain these valuable resources, mining is essential. Gangue is the associated waste rock mixed with ore in the mining process. This kind of rock is different from gangue in the mining process, and its application field is relatively narrow. Now let's understand how these gangues are used in Pingdingshan Coal Mine in Henan Province.

Originally, the quality of coal in different places is different, which depends on the ash content of coal. Generally, gangue is an important reason for the increase of ash content in coal. Moreover, the coal gangue is abandoned, occupying a large area of land. The sulfide in coal gangue will pollute the air, farmland and water. Gangue hill will also spontaneous fire, or collapse in the rainy season, silting up the river and causing disasters. China has accumulated more than 1 billion tons of coal gangue and will discharge another 100 million tons of coal gangue every year. In order to eliminate pollution, since the 1960s, Pingdingshan Coal Mine began to use the gangue crusher to deal with and utilize the gangue.

In the process of investigation, through in-depth comparison, we know that Pingdingshan Coal Mine mainly uses the crushing processing technology for the treatment of gangue. In recent years, the mining gangue crusher produced by Shibang has relieved the pressure of the gangue in Pingdingshan mine to some extent, and formulated some relevant gangue recycling and processing programs, which has brought the gangue to life in the production of gangue cement, concrete lightweight aggregate, refractory brick and other building materials, and also in the production of low calorific value gas, power generation by combustion with coal, and production of crystalline aluminum chloride , water glass, extraction of precious and rare metals and other chemical industries have made considerable achievements. In addition, coal gangue can also be used to make ceramics, pave roads, fill underground, make soil improver and so on.

Therefore, in this visit and study, we realized that measures should be taken actively in the coal production process to reduce the mixing of gangue, reduce the rate of gangue, and improve the quality of raw coal. At the same time, through the study of Pingdingshan Coal Mine, we can also choose a reasonable processing technology to crush the gangue. While mining useful resources such as coal, it also expands the application space of waste resources such as gangue, so that the mine is far away from the problem of gangue pollution.


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