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Four Or Nine Coal Crusher Manufacturers Tell You How To Improve The Service Life Of Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-12 03:42:03

From the advent of crusher to now, the competitiveness of crusher Market has not been slackened for a day, and the degree of market demand for crusher has increased unabated. Lump coal crusher is a crushing equipment launched under the strong demand of the market, and it has become a good helper for many coal mine entrepreneurs in China. In order to help more coal mine entrepreneurs to use the crusher to create greater benefits, let's invite 49 coal crusher manufacturers to tell you how to improve the service life of the equipment.

All the friends who have operated the lump coal crusher know that the crusher has a wide range of use and a large amount of use. In reality, the working load of the equipment is relatively large, resulting in a short service life. If users want to improve the service life of the crusher, they need to start from the selection of materials, which is mainly reflected in the selection of materials that are suitable for the crusher's crushing, and the uniform speed must be maintained when feeding. Many operators don't care about the selection, feeding method and speed of the four or nine pieces of coal crusher, so as to accelerate the damage speed of the crusher and further shorten the service life of the equipment.

At present, it seems that the heat treatment technology is also the main method to improve the service life of 49 coal crushers. In the heat treatment of the equipment, the optimized heat treatment technology should be selected, and the castings with high hardness, good endurance and good impact and wear resistance should be selected, which can not only reduce the wear of the equipment, but also reduce the production cost and improve the production efficiency together. After heat treatment of briquette crusher, its service life has been correspondingly improved, by the majority of users praise.

The crusher hammer and the lining plate at the spout are the vulnerable parts of the briquette crusher as well as the key protection parts. Because the parts are easy to wear and have short service life, and the different degree of wear has different influence on the normal operation of the equipment, so the materials with good quality are selected and manufactured excellently, such as high vanadium and high wear-resistant alloy, which also has good impact force. It has been proved by the test that the crusher hammer and the liner plate at the spout supported by high vanadium and high wear-resistant alloy not only have improved service life, but also have good impact resistance, thus ensuring the use efficiency of the lump coal crusher.


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