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Four Hundred

Last Update:2020-05-09 19:58:48

According to the survey, the sales volume of 400-600 crusher in the market is particularly good, and the supply and demand are greater than the supply. This reminds the majority of users to purchase crusher after the need for scientific installation, must follow the installation steps. Excelsior lets the 600 crusher manufacturer send technicians to guide the installation on site. The following steps are for reference only.

1: When installing the 600 crusher frame, it is necessary to keep the vertical and horizontal type of the crusher frame, so as to keep the equipment in normal use, the frame will not have problems. If necessary, use level measuring instrument and suspension hammer to check whether the center line of the base is vertical and horizontal, and whether it meets the requirements. If not, adjust it in time. When installing the 600 crusher, it should be carried out under the guidance of the technician of the manufacturer, so as to avoid detours and put it into production as well as possible.

2: After the secondary grouting, it is necessary to wait until the cement slurry layer is hardened before taking out the adjustment wedge under the base of 600 crusher, and then fill the empty position with cement. Then check and measure the levelness and verticality of the base again. If it meets the requirements, do not adjust it again. If it does not meet the requirements, further adjustment is needed until it meets the requirements. Prevent contact with copper sleeve during inspection, which will cause wear of eccentric sleeve of 400-600 crusher and certain impact on sealing device of equipment.

3: Installation of thrust plate and pull rod of 600 crusher. In the front step, first install the thrust plate, at the same time, the crane pulls the connecting rod towards the front wall of the frame to facilitate the installation of the rear thrust plate. After the installation of the rear thrust plate, the tension spring and the pull rod are also installed, so it needs to be lifted by a crane, and the crane can only be removed after the previous two are installed. After installing the thrust plate and the pull rod, the next step is to check whether the thrust plate and the elbow plate of the 400-600 crusher are correctly combined. If the combination is not correct, it needs to be installed under the guidance of the technical personnel until it meets the requirements.

Whether the newly purchased 400-600 crusher can enter the working state correctly still needs to see the installation of the equipment. If the installation is in good condition and meets the starting conditions, then it can be put into normal production after the trial operation. If the 600 crusher is not installed well, it can not be put into production, otherwise it will cause serious consequences, and the damage to the equipment is incalculable.


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