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Foreign Crusher Manufacturers Explain The Safety Operation Instructions Of The Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-07 04:01:09

In recent years, China's crusher industry has achieved unprecedented development. However, compared with foreign crushers, there is a certain gap in product quality and function. The foreign machine is mainly manufactured by the international high-performance crusher structure technology, so the production effect is good and the efficiency is high. When operating the crusher, the user needs to know the safety operation matters of the equipment.

Technicians from foreign crusher manufacturers said that before starting the crusher, first check whether there is ore or other debris in the crushing chamber, if any, clean it up in time; adjust the width of the ore discharge opening according to the requirements of the finished product size; Check whether the lubrication condition of each lubricating node on the foreign crusher equipment is good, and also check the quality and quantity of lubricating oil in the mailbox. Once problems are found, they should be solved to avoid affecting the operation of the equipment. If the above parts to be checked are within the normal starting range, the crusher can be started according to the following steps.

At the time of ore feeding, the operator should keep the uniform speed and pay attention to the problem of ore discharge of foreign crushers. If the discharged products are stacked under the ore discharge port, it is possible to jack up the crusher, and even lead to major accidents. In the production of crusher, once it is found that the ore discharge port is blocked, it should be stopped immediately for treatment. Foreign crusher manufacturers remind users: in the actual operation, we should regularly check the abrasion of the ore discharge opening, adjust the size of the ore discharge opening according to the requirements, so as to ensure the quality of the finished products and meet the user's requirements for particle size.

For the safety production of foreign crushers, the operation of the spring crusher is also the focus of the operator. It is necessary to regularly check whether the spring tightness is suitable. When the spring is too tight or too loose, the user must adjust it in time, otherwise the production will be affected. In addition, foreign crusher manufacturers remind users to pay attention to the quality of the spring. For the spring that has been used for a period of time and has poor quality, it is necessary to replace it in time to avoid certain impact on the normal production of the equipment.


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