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Focus On The World's Vision For 31 Years To Define China's Intelligent Manufacturing

Last Update:2020-05-01 15:51:27

November 28, the second day of Bauma China 2018. According to the preliminary statistics of Liming heavy industry, as of this morning, more than 1500 customers have come to inquire and negotiate. Meanwhile, customers who sign on-site orders and make appointments to visit to express their in-depth cooperation intentions exceed expectations. Multiple brand suppliers determine their cooperation intentions, and the proportion of more professional and targeted visitors has increased significantly. These data have made Liming feel inspired Work hard. "Compared with the previous exhibitions, we have devoted ourselves to the exhibition of product technology, manufacturing process, core parts, customer support, maintenance, etc., established a complete product value chain, and established a high-quality, multi-directional and trustworthy partner image, which may be the reason for the continuous stream of customers." Liming heavy industry sales manager in an interview with the media.

This is a real construction machinery mobilization. In front of booth e6.510, merchants with yellow skin, white skin and black skin, speaking Chinese, English and German all kinds of languages gathered together, and the flow of people was full of enthusiasm; the on-site office staff processed the customer information from all over the world synchronously, even in the bustling exhibition, liming heavy's business chain never stopped; in the Wanping exhibition hall, the headquarters of the group company, 15 minutes away by car, More than 100 kinds of real grinding equipment are displayed here. You can visit the customers or read the product picture book under the introduction of the sales representative, or observe all parts of the equipment at a close distance, or simply climb on the top of the equipment to "see all the mountains and small". The main and branch venues cooperate with each other and connect seamlessly to show Liming heavy industry in various aspects.

Indeed, with 4 months of careful preparation, liming heavy industry has made a strong landing in the exhibition, competing with many machinery peers. Although this platform is only the tip of the iceberg to show the brand effect of Liming heavy industry, we still hope to take this opportunity to participate in the international construction machinery industry dialogue more and more deeply, so that national brands can play chess with international giants, adhere to their original intention, and define "Chinese intelligent manufacturing".

For liming heavy industry, the "good" reputation of customers is not only the good operation of single equipment, but also the higher-level requirements. It is not only the good operation of the whole production line, but also the good operation of management, maintenance, maintenance, logistics and other operations involved in the project. The future development direction will be "equipment operation - production line operation - company operation - sustainable development and operation of group company", forming an overall operation service system.

The operation data shows that Liming heavy industry's share of large orders in 2017 and 2018 is increasing, and the dialogue on large production lines with a capacity of more than 1000 tons is becoming a basic trend. Large production line is not a simple addition of small production line, "large" means that the overall project operation needs multi department cooperation, means that products, management and services need to be comprehensively improved, means that enterprises with good hardware and software strength are required to undertake.

The emergence of big customers and projects is a rare opportunity for liming heavy industry. The dialogue in the future will be between "big customers" - big enterprises, and the competition in the future will be between brands. Therefore, liming heavy industry strictly selects parts suppliers, resolutely eliminates suppliers that do not match the enterprise's level, and reaches strategic cooperation intention with Siemens and other international brand suppliers. Liming heavy industry has determined the strategy of "deepening the product industry chain", "treating customers as friends" and "improving the service system", focusing on the R & D of grinding equipment, the creation of customer value, the operation of higher-level business model and the sharing of value with customers.

The operation data released in the third quarter shows that Liming heavy industry's annual task completion rate has reached a new high, and the performance of various task data is gratifying. The main products have achieved scale growth. In the market fields of mine crushing, industrial milling, green building materials, etc., liming heavy industry has maintained the advantage of quantity and quality, and the international and domestic markets are thriving. It can be said that in the first three quarters, liming heavy industry was busy and substantial, the workshop production was incessant, high-tech products were successively offline, and more and more large projects were launched In addition to exceeding the growth target, the long-term development goals of service system construction and product system improvement have also been promoted simultaneously. With the help of the 2018 China Commodity concrete annual meeting and the BMW exhibition held in early November, liming heavy industry, which is active in the public vision, will be further recognized by the global market for its brand value and influence.


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