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Fine Jaw Crusher Manufacturer Explains The Daily Maintenance Of Fine Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-02 04:11:27

In fact, the jaw crusher is a kind of large-scale mining machinery. This kind of crusher is more traditional crushing equipment, and its utilization rate is still very high at present. In the process of production, the fine jaw crusher may cause faults due to various reasons, such as the wear of some equipment parts and so on. However, in many cases, it is due to the operator's negligence or incorrect operation. What are the daily maintenance matters of the small jaw fracture?

According to the manufacturer of the fine jaw crusher, many users will hear a metal impact sound when the crusher is working, which will lead to the vibration of the crushing teeth. This kind of impact sound is mainly caused by the relaxation of the side plate liner and the broken tooth plate of the crushing chamber of the fine jaw crusher, or the looseness or serious fracture of the fixed bolt. At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine in time for inspection, fix the lining plate, tighten the bolts in time and reinforce.

The fault of the fine jaw crusher is the abnormal noise of the eccentric bearing bush or pad seat. Generally, the reason for this kind of noise is mainly due to the damage caused by the too large clearance or the damage of the bearing bush. Once the small jaw is broken, the operator needs to stop the machine in time, readjust the clearance, and then replace the seriously worn bearing bush, so that the machine can be started again.

Some users will hear the impact sound in the thrust support during the production of the equipment. Generally, the reason for this sound is that the spring tension of the equipment is insufficient or the spring is severely damaged, which is to say, the thrust plate supports the slider and causes serious wear. In view of this situation, the operator needs to stop the operation of the fine jaw breaking, timely adjust the tension of the spring or completely replace the new spring and thrust plate.

Fine jaw crusher is a kind of efficient production equipment, which will cause equipment failure due to various reasons. The above is a brief introduction of several common faults and basic solutions. I hope that all operators should attach great importance to the operation of the jaw break in strict accordance with the production requirements. In case of any fault, they should communicate with the manufacturer in time, strive for early maintenance, and restore the normal operation of the production line as soon as possible.


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