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Features Of Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-03 12:30:56

The basic structure of jaw crusher is just like its name, like an animal's mouth. It is also composed of two panels, the upper jaw panel and the lower jaw panel, which are similar to the broken mouth of the mouth. When working, it is just like chewing the mouth. It will break the materials that need to be broken. Jawbone is widely used in the smelting of mines, the production of building materials, the construction of roads and railways, etc., including in the chemical industry, it is also often used to crush some large ores and stones. The ideal compressive strength of the material which can be broken is 320MPa.

Jaw crusher specifications according to the width of the feed mouth to be divided into three basic specifications. No matter what kind of jaw crusher is used its own advantages. Before the jaw crusher was born, limestone crushing was always a headache in industry. There were two problems in this operation. The products of limestone crushing in the front row were very low, which led to the increase of operation rate. The second was that the crusher could not find the time for maintenance. But jaw crusher can solve these two problems easily. And in the operation of limestone crushing, it solves the problem that the original crusher can't crush large pieces of limestone, which effectively alleviates the shortage of limestone supply and makes large pieces of limestone not afraid to be reused.

At the same time, the jaw crusher also solves the problem of large power consumption of the old crusher. The power consumption of each ton of limestone crushing operation is reduced by 1-2 kilowatt per hour on average. According to the total estimation, it can save up to 100000 yuan for the users in one year. Doesn't that look scary. At the same time, the particle size of the crushed stone is very small, so there is no need to worry about the impact of limestone on the work and output of the mill in the grinding operation, which reasonably solves the problem of blocking the chute.

There are many manufacturers who are ready to use jaw crusher. They often ask about the price of jaw crusher on the Internet? So let's remind you again that the prices of jaw crushers of different models and specifications are all different. I hope you can find friends who have used them before you buy them to understand the market. Before that, we reported on the Internet that jaw crushers were used by some illegal businessmen to do profit-making projects.


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