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Failure Analysis Of Large Scale Macadam Equipment In Operation

Last Update:2020-05-12 14:35:02

As a kind of crushing equipment commonly used in production, large-scale crushing equipment is widely used in metallurgy, road, infrastructure and many other fields. Due to the large crushing granularity and advanced design technology, the equipment is highly trusted by users. However, in the process of practical application, the frequent occurrence of faults caused by the lack of inspection or the lack of responsibility of operators undoubtedly has a great impact on production. Let's take a look at the causes of common failures in the operation of gravel equipment.

The price of macadam equipment varies. For many manufacturers, the quality of equipment is directly related to the price. In the process of equipment production, there are likely to be some human failures. For example, the bushing on the moving cone of the equipment is seriously worn by the spherical bush, which will easily lead to the gradual fall off of the inner wall of the bushing on the moving cone, causing serious blockage of the transmission pipeline, and the large-scale gravel equipment will produce strong vibration in the production process.

The fixed cone and the adjusting ring of the large-scale macadam equipment can not rotate normally, so they can not be taken out normally, which is also a common failure in production. Generally speaking, screws are installed on the outer diameter of the fixed cone of the equipment to engage with the heavy-duty thread in the adjusting ring of the equipment, which is used to support the whole adjusting ring, so as to make the fixed cone in the adjusting ring move evenly. Once the gravel equipment runs for a long time, there will be serious wear of the fixed cone liner, at this time, it is necessary to replace the parts in time.

In the operation of macadam equipment, there may be a variety of failures, especially the operation failure is more common, which brings great interference to the normal operation of the equipment. Once these common faults are caused by human, in general, in many cases, it is necessary to return the equipment to the original manufacturer for maintenance, which is very troublesome. It wastes time and money, and greatly affects the overall efficiency of large-scale gravel equipment production.

In view of these phenomena, in daily production, it is necessary to strengthen the knowledge training of operators of large-scale gravel equipment, so that they can operate more professionally. At the same time, some strict operation rules and regulations should be formulated, and special personnel should be assigned to take charge of the equipment, so as to effectively avoid the occurrence of the above situations, and long-term adherence can ensure the efficient and stable operation of the gravel equipment, bringing great production benefits to the enterprise.


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