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Explanation Of Design Structure Foundation Of Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-12 12:45:00

There are many kinds of crushers on the market, but the structure of crushers is basically the same. The eccentric shaft of the crusher drives the movement of the moving cone and the vertical shaft together. The movement of the eccentric sleeve needs to be driven by the horizontal shaft and the belt pulley. When the eccentric sleeve rotates, a conical surface is drawn with the shaft as the center, so that the moving cone can be measured, sometimes it is close to the stationary cone, sometimes it is far away, so that the material can be broken under the crushing mechanism. Users can choose the granularity of materials to be broken according to the actual needs.

The material falls into the crushing chamber through the distribution plate, which is driven by the vertical axis. It is an important part of the crusher structure. It can evenly distribute the material around the cone, so that the material can be fully broken. The crusher can meet the different requirements of multiple users for material size, and adjust the width of ore discharge opening by letting the fixed cone rise or fall. The structural parts of each crusher are made of cast steel, and the moving and fixed cones are lined with manganese steel plates, so as to protect the cones from wear. However, the worn liners can be replaced with new ones.

The basic difference of many crushing mechanisms lies in the shape of the moving cone and the fixed cone. Generally speaking, the short head crusher has shorter moving cone and fixed cone, longer parallel belt, smaller inlet and outlet. Therefore, using this kind of crusher can get more detailed finished products, which is also the ideal choice for users who need smaller finished particles. For other crushers, due to the different design of the crusher, the range of crushed materials and the size of the finished product particle size are different, so users can choose the suitable crusher according to their actual situation.

The above is the relevant content of the basic explanation of the design structure of the crusher. I hope you can understand the basic knowledge of the crusher through this article. At present, there are many types and models of crusher. As a crusher user, only a comprehensive understanding of the crusher mechanism can make better use of it to create more benefits.


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