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Explain The Type Of Two Jaw Crushers From Structure And Working Principle

Last Update:2020-05-12 10:07:12

The application of jaw crusher and the professional characteristics of large-scale industrial production and manufacturing make it constantly self-sufficient development. At the same time, the existence of jaw crusher has a long history of development. For our common jaw crusher, which is also often used in industry, there are two main types, one is the relatively traditional simple pendulum jaw crusher, The other is a relatively new type of compound pendulum jaw crusher at the present stage, but no matter which, its impact on the production industry can not be ignored. As for the two kinds of jaw crushers, we will introduce the structure and working principle of the jaw crusher

First of all, for the development of jaw crusher, from the imitation of foreign jaw crusher in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China to our own production and manufacture of jaw crusher, then to the introduction of foreign advanced technology to manufacture large jaw crusher, and finally to the present, our jaw crusher can be designed, produced and manufactured by ourselves, with various specifications and models of jaw crusher. This is our country The progress of science and technology. In the following, for the differences between the two types, we make a brief introduction: simple pendulum jaw crusher: it is not difficult to see from the working principle diagram of the jaw crusher that the simple pendulum jaw crusher is a crank double rocker mechanism jaw crusher with simple swing by moving jaw. The simple pendulum jaw crusher is mostly made into a large or medium jaw crusher with a crushing ratio of 3-6. While the compound pendulum jaw crusher is a jaw crusher with a crank rocker mechanism which makes a complex swing by moving the jaw. The compound pendulum jaw crusher is mainly made of small and medium jaw crusher. With the rapid development of science and technology, the compound pendulum jaw crusher has developed to a large scale.

On the other hand, compared with the simple pendulum jaw crusher, the structure of the double pendulum jaw crusher is similar to that of the simple pendulum crusher, only reducing the connecting rod, the rear thrust plate, the moving jaw spindle and other components, and the mechanism is simpler. Because the moving track of the moving jaw is not a reciprocating swing centered on the moving jaw spindle, but a very complex track, it is called a compound swing jaw crusher. Compared with the simple pendulum jaw crusher, the double pendulum jaw crusher has a simpler and more compact structure; the moving jaw and the frame bearings are rolling bearings, which have small friction, convenient start-up and simple lubrication. In addition, the horizontal stroke of the upper part of the movable jaw is large, which can meet the compression amount needed for ore crushing, and the downward movement of the movable jaw can promote ore discharge. Therefore, its productivity is about 30% higher than that of the simple pendulum type.


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