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Expert Depth Analysis Of The Basic Model And Working Principle Of Crushing Machinery

Last Update:2020-05-08 00:30:47

With the development of domestic economy, the production capacity and demand of all walks of life are on the rise. With the rapid development of mining, metallurgy, coal and other industries related to the international people's livelihood, the relevant crushing machinery industry has entered a period of comprehensive development. In order to have an overall understanding of the current development situation, the development trend of crushing equipment is predicted fundamentally. The reporter came to Shanxi Province, where the mining industry is relatively developed, and interviewed Professor Zhang, vice chairman of the mining machinery association, and discussed the development process and trend of the crushing industry in detail.

Facing the reporter's question, Professor Zhang said, "the development of anything is determined by its history and current situation. To analyze the development trend of crusher industry, we should also start from these aspects." Next, Professor Zhang described the processing principle and crushing system of the crusher. Comminution is a process in which the solid material overcomes the cohesion and breaks under the action of external force. Generally, the crusher is mainly responsible for breaking large block materials into small pieces. With the deepening of crushing work, the total surface area of materials is increasing, and the reaction speed of various physical and chemical actions is also accelerating. Therefore, the crusher is widely used in many industries.

In terms of crushing system, Professor Zhang said: "in production, the model and type of crusher shall be determined according to the nature, tensile strength, required crushing ratio and production scale of crushing materials. Because different types of crushers have different crushing systems. The crushing system includes two aspects: crushing stage and the flow in each stage. The number of crushing stages is mainly determined by the required crushing ratio of materials and the type of crusher. When one crusher can meet the requirements of crushing ratio and production capacity, the primary crushing system will be adopted. If two or three kinds of crushers are needed to meet the requirements of multistage crushing, the secondary or tertiary crushing system will be adopted. "

"What about the crushing effect?" The reporter expressed doubts, Professor Zhang continued: "the more broken the system is, the more complex the system will be. There will be problems such as large system area, high construction cost, low labor productivity, heavy dust and high maintenance cost. However, with the development of various industries, the required crushing ratio is gradually increased. In order to meet this demand, the crusher production can only be improved from reducing the number of crushing stages, so as to promote the crusher to develop to a large crushing ratio, high efficiency and large scale. Now, we can find a lot of new equipment by logging into our Association's crusher network. The crushing system is simplified, the number of crushing stages is small, the floor area is small, and the power consumption and production cost are reduced. The development direction of the official crusher industry. " "I see. Thank you." The interviewer was very happy. The original experts had such a deep understanding of the industry, and all aspects of the explanation were superficial and worth pondering.


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