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Equipment Selection Guide For Quick Lime And Hydrated Lime Crushing Production Line

Last Update:2020-05-11 10:11:33

With the introduction of the concept of ecological environment, the mining industry festival began to set up the banner of green beneficiation, the pace of national basic projects for people's livelihood can not be stopped, and the very large use value of mining limited resources has been put on the agenda. In view of the current development trend of the construction industry in full swing, the demand for lime is increasing. How to realize efficient production, reduce environmental pollution and realize sustainable development of lime crusher has become a new development direction. Today, let's analyze what kind of crushing equipment is selected in the efficient and environmental protection lime production line. Is the impact crusher effective or the hammer crusher better?

The lime needed for building materials mostly goes through pre homogenization, crushing, grinding, calcination and other processes, but the manufacturing processes of quicklime and hydrated lime are different. In the selection of quicklime crusher, the material characteristics of quicklime should be analyzed first. As a kind of stone with small hardness and high brittleness, the ideal choice of raw limestone crushing equipment is hammer crusher. Its crushing chamber is much larger than that of impact crusher, which can crush large pieces of limestone. The hammer head is completely designed for materials with high hardness, with larger crushing ratio and better particle size under certain power conditions. Another advantage of the application of hammer crusher in the production process of quicklime is that it optimizes the material of crushing wall, has higher pressure resistance and wear resistance, has little impact on parts, can extend the service life of the equipment and ensure the normal operation of the production line.

Compared with the high hardness quicklime, the primary factor to be considered when selecting the hydrated lime crusher is the output. The recommended equipment we give is impact crusher, which can save equipment investment in terms of cost, and the market price of impact crusher is relatively low; in terms of efficiency, impact crusher can realize the comprehensive coarse, medium and fine crushing of materials, to a large extent, it can improve the resource utilization efficiency of lime, and become an efficient and productive crushing equipment.

The above is the suggestions of lime crushing equipment given by us through different characteristics of quicklime and hydrated lime materials. Philosophically speaking, it is necessary to analyze the specific problems. In the process of lime production, it is also necessary to give corresponding plans according to different needs, build and optimize the equipment configuration of the production line to achieve the ideal output and very large economic benefits.


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