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Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Of Beijing Double Chamber Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-02 15:36:48

Beijing double chamber crusher is a kind of energy-saving and environmental protection crushing equipment, with obvious energy-saving effect. The crushing raw materials enter into the equipment, the main parts of the equipment, the crushing roller, do rotary swing operation, the main crushing force of the equipment acts on the position near the center of the equipment roller, which can carry out high-efficiency and all-round crushing, and then the center of the roller may change, forming a full-scale crushing A new process of circular motion breaking. Because the crushing force of the equipment is only concentrated on a small amount of materials in the internal partition section of the equipment cavity, the energy consumed in each operation is very small, the equipment energy can be used intensively, the utilization efficiency is very high, people can use the equipment to obtain good energy-saving effect.

The double chamber crusher can work continuously, using the energy output from the power generation equipment as the main power, the equipment mainly uses the power generated by the huge debris splashing during the stone crushing process to break the nearby rock, which can make the energy effectively recycled. The equipment maintenance is very simple and the cost is low. The equipment can be installed on the steel frame to ensure smooth operation. The equipment can be used in various projects, and the assembly and assembly is very simple.

Compared with the cone crusher, the maintenance and consumption of the double chamber crusher is very low. Generally, the cone crusher costs more than 10000 yuan per month, while the double chamber crusher costs only 2000 yuan per month. The output energy of the two types of crushers is exactly the same. Compared with the two types of crushers, the double chamber crusher is obviously more efficient and consumes more resources Less. This new type of crusher consumes very little lining plate. There is a fixed connection between the two shafts of the machine. The surface of the shaft of the machine can rotate freely. Cluster friction will occur between the roller and the raw material, resulting in the reverse rotation of the surface of the roller, and the friction between the two will decrease accordingly.


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