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Efficient And Energy Saving Calcium Carbide Crusher To Speed Up The Adjustment Of Calcium Carbide Production Process

Last Update:2020-05-05 08:46:38

In recent years, the industry has been adjusting. Many industries have been eliminated because they do not meet the development requirements. It is understood that the list of enterprises that have eliminated backward production capacity involves 19 industries such as iron making, steel-making, coke, calcium carbide, etc. Among them, 28 enterprises in Inner Mongolia, Hunan, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other places are involved in the elimination of backward production capacity of carbide production technology industry, with a total capacity of 1138100 tons. It is necessary to eliminate the backward production capacity enterprises in high energy consumption industry and introduce efficient, advanced and energy-saving calcium carbide crushing equipment. Among them, efficient new-type calcium carbide crusher has become the key equipment.

At present, the domestic carbide crushers mostly use the production process of coarse jaw crusher plus fine jaw crusher or increase the process configuration of the third stage fine crushing, but this can not meet the crushing needs of the current carbide production process industry and the requirements of the industrial structure adjustment of the industry. At this time, the cone crusher produced by carbide crushing equipment manufacturers can replace the traditional two-stage crushing in the process of carbide crushing, and achieve the effect of one-stage fine crushing.

It is understood that in order to speed up the industrial structure adjustment of carbide production process industry, meet the large-scale application of raw materials in domestic carbide industry and the intensive design of carbide production process for crushing operation, different configuration schemes of jaw crusher, cone crusher and high-efficiency fine crusher developed by carbide crushing equipment company can achieve different crushing effects. In general, the cone crusher produced by calcium carbide crushing equipment company can reach the intention of calcium carbide crusher without using other equipment, which not only reduces the investment of multi-stage crushing equipment, civil engineering and power consumption, but also reduces the production line of all calcium carbide processing. Together, it greatly shortens the production time and reaches the role of energy saving and consumption reduction. Together, the process and its equipment have many advantages, such as anti iron, anti abrasion, complete sealing, and simple protection, which greatly improves the reliability and stability of the whole process.

When it comes to the carbide cone crusher, now let us know how the carbide crusher works? What kind of performance advantages does it have? When the carbide cone crusher is working, the rotation of the motor passes through the belt pulley or coupling, the driving shaft of the cone crusher and the cone part of the cone crusher make a rotary motion around a fixed point under the force of the bias sleeve. In addition to the above mentioned reduction of production time and energy consumption, the carbide crusher also has the following advantages: 1. There are many composite cavities for coarse, medium, fine and crushing, with large selection space; 2. The frame is made of high-strength cast steel, with high finishing technology, with stronger strength; 3. The structure is reasonable, the performance is reliable, the operation is stable, and the cost performance is high; 4. The seal is reliable and can effectively extend the replacement cycle of lubricating oil and the service life of components.


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