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Effect Of Adjustment Of Pe500x750 Jaw Breaking Discharge Port On Equipment Performance

Last Update:2020-05-09 00:31:08

Compared with the general jaw crusher, the role of the 500 * 750 jaw crusher in the production line is very obvious. The pe500x750 jaw crusher can meet the different production needs of the crushing production line, and in terms of the production role and production capacity output and consumption ratio, the excellent performance of the 500 * 750 jaw crusher is irreplaceable for most jaw crushers of the trial manufacturers.

In our daily work, jaw crusher 500 * 750 is more commonly used in ore dressing plant or stone factory. Compared with other crushers, jaw crusher 500 * 750 has the advantages of low cost and high efficiency. Because of this fact, the requirement of wear-resistant jaw crusher 500 * 750 is quite high, and such material is usually high wear-resistant manganese steel lining plate. In the crushing chamber, there are two jaw plates, one is the upper attack crusher fixed on the top, the other is to move and fix the jaw plates to form a crushing chamber. The mobile jaw plate moves repeatedly to the fixed jaw plate. When the two jaw plates are separated, the material force is immediately put into the crushing chamber. At this moment, the crushed material is discharged from the bottom of jaw crusher 500 * 750. When the two jaws are close to each other, the material is crushed and buckled, and the separation function is caused by the force of extrusion and rubbing of the two jaws.

In terms of the setting of the width of the feed inlet, China adopts the original Soviet Union standard. The width of the feed inlet of the 500 * 750 jaw crusher is calculated according to the distance between the fixed tooth plate tip (tooth bottom) and the movable tooth plate tip (tooth tip), while many enterprises in the world calculate the distance between the fixed tooth plate and the movable tooth plate. Therefore, it indicates that the products of the same specification are actual compared with the products of foreign enterprises It is usually a small tooth depth distance, and the tooth depth of large crusher is 60-100mm, so the allowable feeding size of domestic products is often 50-80mm smaller. The discharge opening of the 500 * 750 jaw crusher can be adjusted, and different discharge openings have different processing capacities. Therefore, when comparing the processing capacity, it should be determined that the size of the ore discharge opening is the same.

The broken jaw of pe500x750 will be worn after working for a long time, so that the discharge port will become wider than before. Due to the different required product size, there should be some adjustment device for adjusting the discharge port of crusher. So how to adjust the discharge port? The adjustment device of pe500x750 jaw breaking discharge port generally adopts the method of changing the quantity of gasket of pe500x750 jaw breaking. There is a group of machines with the same thickness between the elbow plate and the back wall of pe500x750 jaw breaking. Increase or decrease the number of gaskets to adjust the discharge port. This is suitable for small jaw crusher.

It can be seen that when purchasing pe500x750 jaw crusher, you need to know not only the equipment performance of the jaw crusher 500 * 750, but also some specifications and uses of the jaw crusher 500 * 750. More importantly, compared with the above contents, some operation details after the production of the jaw crusher 500 * 750 are the key to the durability of the enterprise's equipment.


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