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Economical Price Of Energy Saving Bearing Cone Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-13 02:16:08

Cone crusher is an indispensable equipment for modern production, which occupies a great advantage in material crushing. In recent years, with the acceleration of various production steps, the technology of energy-saving bearing cone crusher has been constantly updated, and has been unanimously supported and recognized by the majority of users. For bearing cone breakage, to ensure its ideal production efficiency, daily maintenance is indispensable, and at the same time, operators need to maintain in place.

The working nature of energy-saving bearing cone crusher is different from other equipment, so the daily maintenance needs to be done in place. If the equipment runs for a long time, the friction between the materials and the equipment will cause great or small impact on the parts of the equipment, even serious damage to the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly and comprehensively inspect the bearing cone damage to see if the wearing parts are seriously worn, and repair and replace them in time.

Generally, the equipment in the cone crusher crushing production line is running all day, high-intensity workload is likely to cause equipment failure, and even lead to safety production accidents. During the operation of energy-saving bearing cone crusher, its engine runs very fast. At this time, sandstone is easy to be knocked out. Therefore, all operators should pay attention to their own safety and keep a certain distance from the bearing cone to ensure personal safety.

Generally, when the bearing cone is broken for maintenance, the lubricating grease will be added in time every 400 hours of operation of the equipment. After every 2000 hours of operation, the bearing cover will be knocked to clean the bearing carefully. When the working time of the energy-saving bearing cone crusher reaches 7000 hours, the bearing wear is generally very serious. At this time, it is necessary to Replace the bearing to avoid affecting the normal production and reducing the production efficiency.

Bearing cone crusher price is not so cheap, once the purchase of equipment, we must do a good job related maintenance work. The maintenance of cone crusher is introduced in detail above. It is hoped that all operators should operate in strict accordance with the production requirements of energy-saving bearing cone crusher and pay attention to the maintenance of equipment at ordinary times, so as to ensure the long-term operation and long service life of cone crusher.


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