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Dust Control In The Production Process Of Pcl Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-05 07:21:11

Impact crusher is a kind of sand making machine commonly used at present. In all sand making machines, PCL vertical shaft impact crusher has a wide range of use. This kind of equipment is very convenient to use, and can save energy and environmental protection, but many users react in the process of equipment operation often produce a lot of dust, which has a great impact on normal production. So why does PCL impact crusher produce dust? Let's take a look.

At present, there are many kinds of sand making machines which are often used. According to the strength of dust, they can be divided into three types. For the front PCL vertical shaft impact crusher, its very big feature is that the positive pressure of air is smaller when the equipment is moving, and the continuous accumulation of the dropping section will cause the positive pressure inside the equipment, which will lead to the dust escaping, and the place where the dust is more easily generated is the feed inlet and discharge outlet of PCL impact crusher.

PCL vertical shaft impact crusher can be divided into coarse sand and fine sand. For the production of coarse sand, its sand making object and main purpose are similar to the new sand making machine in ten categories. The very big feature is that its shell is very close, and the feed port is generally open, so this kind of production is generally new closed feed port. Once there is a problem in the feed port, it is easy to cause the PCL to break and the dust to escape.

The new PCL vertical shaft impact crusher can break more rocks and has more powerful functions when it is running. Once the humidity is reduced in production, a lot of dust will be produced. In order to solve this problem, when the equipment is running, the feed and discharge ports and shell holes of the equipment can be tightly sealed. At the same time, the feeder of the PCL impact crusher feed port is equipped with an exhaust hood, so that the dust can be disposed in time without affecting the normal production.

As a common kind of sand making machine, PCL impact breaking is a kind of equipment widely used in modern production. This kind of equipment may produce a lot of dust due to various reasons in the process of production. Once it is not handled in time, it will bring great damage to the equipment. Therefore, all operators should pay attention to find a reasonable solution in time, so that PCL vertical shaft impact crusher can ensure normal operation and longer service life.


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