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Double Toothed Roll Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-08 18:26:33

The crushing technology of medium hard materials is much higher than that of low hardness materials. Due to the great difference in hardness, we should not only consider the working performance of the crusher, but also pay attention to the quality of wearing parts of the crusher. If a crusher has very good working performance and high efficiency, but the wearing parts of wearing parts are replaced very frequently, the production investment in the later stage will be increased, resulting in the increase of cost. At present, the domestic crushing medium hard material efficiency is ideal, the final product system is excellent is the double tooth roller crusher.

Double tooth roller crusher, also called tooth roller crusher, is a very common crusher in the crushing industry. The basic structure of double tooth roller crusher is mainly composed of main and auxiliary transmission gearbox, casing, frame, crusher roll, gas-liquid buffer cylinder and motor. The main and auxiliary transmission gearbox and the upper and lower crushers are rigidly connected by the clamp coupling to form an integral gear transmission device. There are many models of double toothed roll crusher produced by major manufacturers in the domestic market. Each model has a specific scope of application, but it is basically the same. Widely used in mining industry, iron and steel industry, coke and thermal power industry coal crushing; coking industry coke crushing; coal mining industry raw coal crushing; chemical industry petroleum coke crushing; electronic industry silica crushing; carbon industry carbon block crushing; solar energy industry waste glass tube crushing; construction industry quicklime crushing, construction waste, clay, asphalt, etc., or similar crushing Broken occasion. The basic requirement of double toothed roll crusher for crushing materials is that the particle size of finished products should be between 10-200mm, and the crushing and coarse crushing operations of hard, medium hard and soft materials with compressive strength less than 240mpa and humidity less than 30%, such as all kinds of ores, coal, coke, petroleum coke, quicklime, silica, carbon, glass tube, asphalt, chemical raw materials or solid materials with hardness equivalent to the above.

The technical parameters of different types of double toothed roll crushers are also different. But the basic working principle is basically the same. The input material is impacted and broken by several staggered teeth on two toothed rollers of the crusher, that is, the material is bitten by teeth; if the material is not crushed, the teeth on the toothed roller forcibly slide along the surface of the material, arrange by the spiral of teeth, turn the material over, wait for the next pair of teeth to break continuously until the broken material can be bitten by the toothed roller. The crushed materials bitten by the toothed roller will be directly discharged through the extrusion and shearing action of the lower edge of the current pair of teeth and the upper edge of the previous pair of teeth, and the materials with large particle size will be forced to be extruded and sheared, and the materials meeting the requirements will be leaked from the tooth side clearance. Some materials with larger particle size will be blocked by the crushing rod. When the teeth move to the vicinity of the crushing rod, the large materials placed between the crushing rod and the toothed roller will be further crushed and forced out.


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