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Double Rotor Impact Crusher Double Your Output

Last Update:2020-05-01 03:21:35

Impact crusher is a kind of equipment which uses impact energy to achieve material crushing. It is mainly composed of shell, rotor and impact plate. As an important rotating part, rotor plays a key role in the operation of impact crusher. During operation, the rotor rotates at high speed driven by the motor, and the material enters the crushing chamber from the feed port, and has a fierce impact with the plate hammer on the rotor, and the material is broken due to the high-speed impact of the plate hammer; the broken material is hit back to the lining plate and broken again; after many times of the above process, the material achieves the purpose of crushing, and finally is discharged from the discharge port. The customer can control the size and shape of discharge by adjusting the gap between the reaction frame and the rotor frame.

According to its structural characteristics, impact crusher can be divided into single rotor impact crusher and double rotor impact crusher. In order to improve the production efficiency of the equipment and provide users with an efficient crushing equipment, our experienced engineers have launched a new double rotor impact crusher on the basis of the traditional impact crusher. Its two rotors rotate in the same direction, which is equivalent to the use of two single rotor impact crushers in series. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, large production capacity and even particle size of finished products. It can be used as a coarse, medium and fine crushing machine according to the actual production needs. This can not only simplify the production process, but also reduce the investment of related equipment. The double rotor impact crusher with two rotors rotating in opposite direction mainly uses the self-collision when two rotors throw out materials relatively to achieve the purpose of crushing, so the crushing ratio is large and the metal wear is less.

According to the above introduction, we know that the rotor needs to have enough quality to meet the needs of crushing large materials. Therefore, our rotors are made of integral cast steel structure and high-quality wear-resistant materials, which are solid and durable. It also has a large moment of inertia, so the energy consumption is low and the production cost is reduced. All of our rotors have been strictly checked, with good balance and stable center of gravity, which ensures the uniformity of rotation force.


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