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Different Specifications And Models Of Cone Crusher Series

Last Update:2020-05-08 04:29:32

Speaking of cone crusher, I believe many people will not be unfamiliar. As a common crusher equipment, it can be seen everywhere in daily production. However, due to the various specifications of cone crusher, many people are not familiar with some basic knowledge and installation skills of cone crusher, so how to correctly install and use different cone crusher series?

The specifications of cone crusher are different. Before installation, the number of parts must be counted first. At the same time, pay attention to check and remove whether there is different wear on the processing surface and thread of each part, timely remove the protective coating applied on the surface during transportation, and remove the dust generated during the transportation of cone crusher equipment. During installation, a layer of dry oil shall be applied on the fixed contact surface and thin oil shall be applied on the movable surface according to the difference of cone crusher series.

There are many kinds of cone crusher series, which must be installed on solid concrete during installation, and the specific operation shall be determined according to the actual production situation. Many users have accumulated ore after crushing due to the lack of facilities and devices, so enough space must be reserved at the lower part of cone crusher during design. Through the specification of cone crusher, if the foundation is not damaged, it is necessary to add a guard board on it, so as to play a good protective role.

The cone crusher series are various. When installing, the specific location of the electrical operation and lubrication system shall be determined according to the specific scale of the production site and the actual production demand, provided that the order shall not be changed. In addition, according to the different specifications of cone crusher, when installing the frame, it is necessary to ensure the strict level and verticality of Baocheng. For this, it can be checked with a suspension hammer on the horizontal surface of the base to ensure its level.

The model of cone crusher can be divided into many kinds according to the actual needs of users. Before using, it is necessary to understand its basic installation steps and operation requirements. This requires all operators to understand the basic knowledge of the cone crusher, understand the classification of the cone crusher series and the differences of each type, so as to ensure that each step is done in place during the installation, ensure the smooth progress of production, and bring abnormal production benefit value to the enterprise.


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