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Different Prices Of Hubei Type Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-09 16:51:27

The price of e-type crusher is relatively high, and in daily production, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance in time, so as to save money for enterprises and improve production efficiency. Let's see how to maintain the equipment in different periods. The first thing we need to know is the minor repair of e-type stone crusher. In fact, the minor repair is the daily maintenance. After the installation of the jaw crusher, it will be put into formal operation. During the operation, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive maintenance and repair of the equipment. During the minor repair, it is mainly to check whether the vulnerable parts and connections of the equipment are in fault, such as the broken tooth plate. Once the bolts are found loose, they should be tightened in time, and the vulnerable parts should be replaced in time in case of serious wear.

There is a difference in the price of e-type crusher. On the basis of ordinary minor repair, the intermediate repair of crusher needs to be carried out every three months or so. The intermediate maintenance shall formulate some basic maintenance plans in combination with some faults and records of ordinary minor maintenance. Generally, during the intermediate repair, the installation of the jaw crusher needs to be completely disassembled, and the wear of relevant parts inside the equipment should be carefully checked. In case of serious wear, it needs to be replaced in time.

At the end of the day is the overhaul of the jaw crusher. When it comes to overhaul, it is actually a thorough repair of the equipment. In addition to some problems encountered in minor repair and medium repair, it is also necessary to dismantle the parts of the equipment, carry out comprehensive and detailed inspection, timely repair or replace all worn objects, and then carry out systematic test after the installation of the jaw crusher, so as to achieve the ideal production Efficiency.

Before you care about the price of e-type crusher, you need to know about the maintenance work of relevant equipment. The basic maintenance methods are explained in detail above. It is hoped that all operators should operate the equipment in strict accordance with the production steps during operation, pay attention to the minor repair, medium repair, overhaul and other maintenance work of the jaw crusher at ordinary times, and replace the damaged objects in time, so as to ensure the long service life of the equipment.


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