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Development Trend Of The Market For Wear Resistant Parts Of Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-02 07:11:55

All the friends who know the working principle of the crusher and wear-resistant parts know that generally wear-resistant parts of the crusher are easy to wear, once they wear to a certain extent, they will have a certain impact on the normal production of the equipment. Therefore, the manufacturers of wear-resistant parts need to use wear-resistant materials, generally using austenitic high manganese steel as the main wear-resistant material of crusher. With the continuous expansion of crusher Market, what is the market development trend of wear-resistant materials.

After water toughening treatment, the standard crusher wear-resistant material, high manganese steel, has become a fully austenitic structure with good work hardening properties. Although after water toughening treatment, the main body of the metal still maintains excellent toughness, and users can use it reliably, so it has been favored by the crusher industry. However, the high manganese steel made of wear-resistant parts of crusher has some disadvantages, such as low yield strength and easy to appear plastic rheology. After the treatment of modern advanced technology, high manganese steel makes up for this defect and improves the wear resistance of wear-resistant parts.

When improving the defect of austenitic high manganese steel, people increase the content of manganese and keep it in full austenite. In addition, Cr, Mo, V, Ti, re and other elements are added to improve the yield strength and initial hardness of the wear-resistant materials of the crusher. At the same time, due to the improvement of the heat treatment process, today's high manganese steel alloy steel has achieved the goal of fine grain strengthening and solution strengthening. The wear-resistant parts of the crusher not only are durable, but also improve the working efficiency of the crusher.

In recent years, experts at home and abroad are committed to research and modify high manganese steel, so as to extend the service life of wear-resistant parts of crusher and create greater benefits for users. The improved high manganese steel is made into the vulnerable parts of the crusher. However, it has been tested in different working environment and crushed materials and achieved very good results. It can be seen that the wear-resistant parts of crusher made of all austenitic high manganese steel have a bright market prospect.

To sum up, in recent years, the development of wear-resistant parts of crusher is mainly aimed at large-scale impact toughness high manganese alloy steel. For some wear-resistant parts with small impact force, medium carbon alloy steel and high chromium cast steel can be selected as raw materials, thus breaking through the situation of relying on ordinary high manganese steel. With the help of high technology, the wear-resistant material of crusher will only be better and better, and its service life will be longer and longer, and the benefits created for entrepreneurs will be higher and higher.


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