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Development History Of Large Counter Crusher In China

Last Update:2020-05-04 16:25:54

With the continuous development of crushing technology, the types of crushing equipment are constantly updated. How many people know how many technology upgrades have taken to achieve such an efficient version of the large-scale counterattack that everyone is familiar with now? How many people know the development history of large-scale impact crusher? Many people only know that the large-scale counter breaking is common in the ore crushing process of the ore production line, but they have no idea about the development history of the counter breaking. Today, we have professionals to explain the domestic development process of large-scale impact crusher.

First of all, it needs to be pointed out that with the development of productivity and the increase of materials used in industrial building production, our traditional jaw crusher can not meet the demand of strong crushing market. Therefore, in order to better meet the industrial production, people have developed and created our large-scale counter breaking equipment. And the front large impact crusher that we said came out in the 1850s, and the existence of this equipment is a long time from the birth of the front crusher (jaw crusher) developed and used in the world, which is also the time when the large impact crusher really began to be popular in the industry processing and production.

Germany first developed two types of large-scale hair break, which were called as single rotor and double rotor type equipment at that time. At that time, it was in 1924, and the structure of the crusher at that time was like the squirrel cage crusher we often say at present. The reason why they are the same is that the squirrel cage crusher has the characteristics of the impact crusher, which is manifested in the mechanism of the large impact crusher, its working principle and so on.

In fact, the development of impact crusher in China is relatively late. It was not until the 1950s that China really had a crusher. From then on, until the end of 1980s, we began to gradually introduce foreign hard rock impact crushers, and at this time began to fill the gap in the production and use of large impact crushers in China. But the related technology lags behind the foreign countries for more than 20 years. The domestic hard rock impact crusher relies on the import of its core parts plate hammer in its early development. At present, China's technical level of large-scale counterattack is quite close to the international level. Domestic crusher equipment is also sold at home and abroad. There are more and more domestic manufacturers of large-scale crushing equipment.


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